Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Princess is Born

You are born into royalty. I will be the first to tell you, ancestry has little to do with whether or not a girl is a princess. When I was young, being a young adult now, my mother insisted "Every little girl in America can be a princess. That's what's wonderful about living in such a place." And it's true, in this land of opportunity, we can be anything we desire. Now I moonlight as a princess, very few know my actual occupation as I muddle through highschool as just another face in the crowd. However, once the weekend swings around and those two days of endless possibilities present themselves, I usually find myself in a world where every other occupant is royalty: The Magic Kingdom. My adventures, always timeless, have never been documented. So now I believe it's time to share my experiences, lessons learned, and love with those who may also consider the life of a princess.  
Even in the boiling heat and stress of the crowd, maintain your elegance, appearance, patience and class. A princess never loses her head, not in public anyway. Appear presentable, yet comfortable and stay true to your style. Dresses, always acceptable in the Magic Kingdom, keep you cool, comfortable, while adding a touch of princess magic. 

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